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A FREE & Independent Marketplace

Not sure if you're aware but the in-game Marketplace is not a truly free Marketplace.
Why you might ask. Because of all the automatic Bots which undercut everything by few ISK. Take a look in-game at random Ships in Jita, you'll see for yourself.
Say we want to sell our Ships at decent prices on the Jita Marketplace, we'll need to spend 24/7 undercutting the Bots that are undercutting us! Thus spending a lot of time, human resources and ISK on this silly thing, because the Jita Marketplace is 100% manipulated by Bots.

Low Production Costs

Considering we're handing the production from the very beginning to the very end, with no outside influence we can offer you a true ISK price on Ships, a price which is not altered by outside factors such as Marketplace price fluctuations, wars, pirates, etc.
This way you'll know for certain that you're paying the true value of the Ship you are buying.

Simple and easy to use website

We've worked so hard on putting this website together, and we strive to make it as simple and easy to use as possible. It is very intuitive and you should have no trouble getting around it.
However if you do need any type of assistance feel free to contact us either via Twitter or via our Contact Page.

Attractive Referral System

We believe that no matter how rich or poor you are you can still benefit from our services. With our Referral System we've helped so many people so far get the ships they desired.
It's really quite simple, start sharing your referral link and watch how your ISK increases.
The best part is that you can either place an order on our website with your earned ISK or you can Withdraw it to your in-game character if you wish to do so. We will not force you to spend your hard earned referral ISK on our website. So you can simply use our Referral System as a mean of extra ISK income, earning more ISK is never a bad thing.