Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?
- We are a coalition of powerful Industry Corporations, renting in nullsec. We've united our forces and resources to bring EVE-BAZAAR.COM to life, in order to offer the most affordable prices in EVE.
- We would like to remain anonymous because if people would find out our Corp Names and Locations they would do their very best to stop our mining/production. This being the reason why all deliveries you will receive from us will be made from Neutral characters, located in NPC Corporations.
How do we profit?
- Considering that we're handling the production from the very beginning until the end, we can offer the cheapest prices on the Market.
- We mine the ore ourselves, we produce the components and ships ourselves, we handle the transport of materials ourselves, so there is absolutely no outside influence on any of our prices.
How can I order?
- First step is to register on the website. Which is very easy and can be done on this page: Registration.
- Once you have registered you will be able to deposit ISK into your EVE-BAZARR.COM Account.
- You'll need to deposit enough ISK to cover the price of the ship/item you wish to order.
- Placing the actual order is very simple and takes less than 10 seconds, you go to the Catalogue Page, browse and find the ship/item you wish to order, select the quantity and simply click the Order Now button.
How is delivery made?
Ships below 1b price:
- Delivery is made via private contract in Jita.

Ships above 1b price:
- Delivery can be made pretty much in any corner of the EVE Universe.
- Any Station from High Sec or Low Sec.
- If you want the delivery to be made in Null Sec, make sure the System you are asking for the delivery to be made in has a NPC Station (in which our Neutral Pilot can dock).
- We do not deliver to Wormhole Space.
- One of our representatives will be in direct contact with you to discuss delivery terms/procedures after the Item/Ship is ready to be delivered.