Explaining the Raffles System:
We decided to take our extra stock of ships and put them into Raffles!
This way everyone has a chance at getting the ship of their dreams, without having the entire sum of ISK needed to buy it from our Catalogue.

You can buy tickets for each Raffle you wish to participate in.
Each ticket, in any raffle, has a fixed price of 1,000,000 ISK.
The more tickets you have in one Raffle the more chances of winning that Raffle you have.
Once all the tickets from a specific Raffle are sold out the system will draw a winner.
Winners will see their winnings in their 'My Orders' section of their Member's Area.
Once a winner is selected for a Raffle, their won item is automatically added to their orders, and then it is delivered in-game as any other order is delivered.

You cannot ask EVE-BAZAAR.COM to give you ISK instead of your won item.
Once a Raffle ends a new one will be generated, so check often to catch the ship you desire.

- Good Luck!